Nucleus {noun}

the central and most important part of an object,
movement, or group, forming the basis for
its activity and growth.


Decoding NeoNucleus

NeoNucleus, is your exclusive dedicated software development center, envisioned as a growth engine for businesses, looking at digital for their competitive edge.

It is a place that mirrors your culture, ideas, values and ecosystem. Remote engineering teams have a sense of belongingness and are tuned in to your mission.

Managed and operated by NeoSOFT, it has enabled brands across the globe to rapidly build & scale their engineering teams, without the operational overheads, becoming a #centerforgrowth.

Why NeoNucleus?


  • Agility

    Technology evolution is gaining speed exponentially. While earlier big beat the small. Now the swift and agile beats the slow & rigid. NeoNucleus provides businesses the agility to innovate faster, respond to change quicker, and capitalize on new opportunities.

  • Tackle CapEX

    There are less reasons to own in an evolving digital world. Businesses are looking to de-couple components leading to less dependency on long-term licensing, infrastructure, support and operations obligations. NeoNucleus minimizes your CapEX by offering “as a service” model for digital needs.

  • Speed & Scale

    Lack of speed in responsiveness and delivery of services decelerates market leadership opportunities. Whereas limited reach and access to the “right-fit” teams and talent challenges the ability to scale. With NeoNucleus, mitigate these challenges and build teams that offer skills to provide immediate efficiency and elevated value, accelerating speed to market.

  • New Capabilities

    To build a blue ocean and keep up with the pace and rate of change, NeoNucleus will help you build deep-capability teams that is quickly ‘stood-up’ and operationalized. These teams will bring in market-proven methods, best practices, tools, and accelerators to the table that creates differentiated value.

How We Help

How we help

  • Strategic Resource
    Scaling (SRS)

    Our Strategic Resource Scaling Services “SRS” bring a flexible and fluid capacity model to the delivery of technology projects.

    These services provide the ability to scale project talent resources and allow an organization to react nimbly to key business needs, while optimizing costs and operational overheads.

  • Software Continuity

    Software Continuity as a Service “SCaaS” provides maintenance, monitoring, and optimization services for your organization’s technology applications and platforms in a predictable manner with service level assurances.

    We help to optimize, run and manage your systems, platforms, and applications by leveraging automation to help enhance tasks, reduce delivery costs, improve quality, and increase efficiency.

  • Outsourced Product

    Our deep expertise in digital product engineering and application development has helped brands to leverage digital as their competitive edge.

    Our processes and technology depth helps businesses to build products that are scalable, functional and drive outcomes.

  • Application

    We understand your application and we understand your users. Our engineers step in to provide technical help, wherever & whenever required.

    Our focus is to resolve queries fast, to drive a phenomenal CX. Our expertise is built on years of experience, helping businesses set up support processes that build a high NPS.

Direct Benefits

Direct Benefits

Your Nucleus

  • Nucleus of 10
  • Nucleus of 20
  • Nucleus of 40
  • Nucleus of 60
  • Nucleus of 75
  • Nucleus of 100

Our Investment

  • Talent Acquisition
  • QA
  • PM/TL
  • DevOps
  • CoE
  • Code Review
  • L&D
  • R&R
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Infrastructure & Facilities

*Complimentary hours/FTEs/Infrastructure

Direct Savings*

  • >15-20%
  • >20-25%
  • >25-30%
  • >30-35%
  • >35-40%
  • >40-50%

*With increase in Nucleus Size, our
investment in the project also increases

Advantages across the Spectrum

Advantages across the spectrum

  • Talent

    • Handpicked Talent for
      cultural fitment.
    • Devoted Core Team for recruitment & forecasting.
    • Curated Upskilling & Training Programs.
    • HR Policies, Benefits & R&R for talent.
  • Infrastructure

    • Dedicated & Branded State-of-the-art location or facility.
    • Secure ODC - Access Controlled Zones with CCTV.
    • Availability across 15+ Indian cities.
  • Security, Governance & Compliance

    • CMMi Level 5
    • ISO 22301:2012 for Business Continuity
    • ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security Management
    • ISO 20000-1:2011 for IT Management
  • Legal & Accounts

    • Strong NDAs and SLAs for Secure IP Creation.
    • Compliance to local labor laws & policies.
    • Experienced Payroll & Accounting teams.
  • Communication & Support

    • Mature Project Management Principles.
    • SLAs, development & progress reporting.
    • Clear Escalation Matrix & Grievance Redressal.
    • Hardware & Software Customizations
The NeoSOFT Advantage

The NeoSOFT Advantage

25+ Years of
Business Excellence

100,000 Sq. Ft. of Infrastructure
Space across 9 major Indian Cities

Cutting-Edge Security,
Facility Management

Growth Partners,
Not just Vendors

Experienced in serving
leading Industry Verticals

Multiple Technology Awards.
(Digital Transformation, IoT,
Banking, IT, Consulting,
Mobility etc.)

Success Stories

Success Stories

SRS - Strategic Resource Scaling

  • 100+


    BFSI client

  • 72+


    Telecom client

  • 68+


    Media client

SCaaS - Software Continuity as a Service

  • 63+


    Ecommerce client

  • 60+


    Manufacturing client

  • 52+


    Healthcare client

Outsourced Product Engineering

  • 71+


    ISV client

  • 52+


    BFSI client

  • 46+


    Ecommerce client

Application Support

  • 38+


    Ed-tech client

  • 32+


    Logistics client

  • 30+


    Automotive client



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